Labbook network

The LabBook is a Laboratory Information Management System, LIMS. It is the result of several years of development

The aim is to offer a free, robust and suitable solution for Developing Countries.

It allows, in real time for all users:

  • The registration and billing analysis,

  • The collection of clinical information,

  • The seizure of the results,

  • Technical and biological validation of the results,

  • The printing of scorecards,

  • Data archiving,

  • Epidemiological Report.

LabBook respect the life cycle of samples and provides a common interface for all stakeholders in the laboratory of the secretariat, the technician through the biologist.

LabBook through the creation of its automated reporting improves the control of the activity of medical biology laboratory. This is a highly configurable tool to adapt the operation of laboratories.

The interface of LabBook is available in French and English.

This software is open source and is distributed under the GNU license.

To access to code source, please contact:

To access the user forum, you must be a member of GLOBE and LabBook community.


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