CamLab Network

The Ministry of Health of Cambodia would like to introduce the Cambodian Laboratory (CamLab) Network - an online network dedicated to the members of the National Medical Microbiology Laboratory Network in Cambodia.

The CamLab Network website will be used to share information among clinical laboratories, communicate opportunities to improve laboratory diagnostics, establish a network of laboratorians in Cambodia, and connect them to laboratory professionals around the world. In addition, the CamLab Network website will be used to promote the services provided by the Bureau of Medical Laboratory Services (BMLS) in the Ministry of Health (MoH), and support implementation of the National Policy for National Laboratory Services and the National Strategic Plan for Medical Laboratory Services (2010-2015). The CamLab Network website will also be used by partners working in collaboration with the MoH to share technical information and training opportunities aimed at strengthening the laboratory system in Cambodia. Developing effective interventions to strengthen the laboratory system also requires learning from the experience in other countries. The CamLab Network website will link the NMMLN of Cambodia to other regional and global laboratory networks.

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