LabBook 2.0

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GNU General Public License

To install LabBook, we recommend using a computer with the following configuration:

  • dual-core, 1.2GHz

  • 4GB RAM

  • 20 GB disk

  • Boot from CD or USB can

This machine will be totally dedicated to LabBook.

The installation is possible in dual boot but the user  who makes this choice must be experienced and know the impact of this choice we do not recommend for the server.

This will allow you to install the LabBook software on a computer. It contains an operating system (Ubuntu), a data handler (Voozanou) and laboratory management software: LabBook. During this installation, the first step is to format the computer to configure Ubuntu. The data present on the hard drive will therefore be lost. We recommend that you dedicate a computer to the LabBook.

Version 2.0 is here for download; Version 2.5 is under development. It will take into account in particular the possibility to interface LabBook with middleware for the connection with automatic analyzers, bar code management ... This version will be available early in 2016.


You can download here:

"Biologist" user manual

Download manual [737 Kb PDF]

"Secretary" user manual

Download manual [471 Kb PDF]

"Technician" user manual

Download manual [422 Kb PDF]

Administator manual

Download manual [561 Kb PDF]

Installation manual

Download manual [802 Kb PDF]

LabBook is not suitable for the management of the blood bank.

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